About Fierce Staffing

Fierce Staffing is a hospitality social enterprise that is invested in workforce development and creating quality customer experiences.

Fierce Staffing provides staffing solutions and consulting services to businesses and events that aim to enhance the guest experience through high quality customer service and hospitality. Whether the specific business is a hotel, call center or residential cleaning operator; customer service, attention to detail, and clear understanding of client needs are imperative skills for the 21st century workforce. Fierce Staffing is proud to provide the instructional training, experiential engagement, and client management to ensure that every staff member employed through our company meets the high standards of our clients. 

Founder & Owner, Arielle Johnson

As an events and hospitality consultant Arielle has managed hospitality operations for the Super Bowl 50 host committee, hiring and training over 15 hospitality reps and managing all operations in the Host Committee Hospitality Command Center. In 2016, Arielle managed all VIP areas, hotel accommodations and receptions for the Detroit Jazz Festival. Arielle received her Bachelor of Arts from The School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University and her Masters of Public Administration from the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

During all of this work in the national events industry Arielle remained active in her community through her nonprofit organization (Fierce Empowerment), understanding all of the challenges presented to Detroiters when seeking stable employment and a livable wage. 

In 2017 Arielle wanted more for her community, she wanted to increase the impact of her nonprofit, but funding for a nonprofit was not available. She decided to blend  success and experience in the hospitality industry with my love and commitment to my community, so I launched Fierce Staffing.

We place a strong emphasis on offering our Staff

  • Continual personal and professional development.
  • On-going access to information, support, and resources to increase job performance and opportunities.
  • Instructional training on how to provide customer service and stellar hospitality.
  • Community and family wrap-around services offered by our sister non-profit organization, Fierce Empowerment.

We connect the right talent with the right organization.
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1420 Washington Blvd. #301 Detroit, MI 48221

P: 313.265.5085